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Capital Health Consulting (CHC) is a woman-owned, bipartisan government relations, lobbying and consulting firm located in Albany, New York. Founded by Lisa Wickens-Alteri in 2016, CHC represents health and human service clients, offering credible resources, technical expertise, and the ability to access critical decision and policy makers at the Federal and State level.




Products & Services

Do you have a game-changing product or service for patients or providers in New York State? Healthcare is changing at a pace that our legislators and agencies can't possibly keep up with. CHC is full-time in the business of medical policy. It is our mission to see that patients receive the best care possible. Let's shape the future together through advocacy & education.

Professional Associations

Your members are amazing but they are also very busy and focusing on the details of running a great association is probably neither their forte nor their priority. Let it be our priority. Let the CHC staff provide your association with the human power needed to bring your association forward.

Healthcare Providers

Could your organization use a little help with what's happening in Albany? Regulations are changing, policy is being written, and funding is available to those who know about it. With our experts keeping track of what's happening in the state, your leaders can focus on your patients. If policy is needed to provide better care for your patients, CHC is your lobbying partner.

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