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Griffith Liewa

Expert Consultant

Griffith is a seasoned RN with over 25 years of experience in the industry.  Prior to working in long term care, he honed his skills practicing in a variety of hospital acute care settings, including medical surgical, emergency room, ambulatory care, and psychiatric specialties. In addition to the above, he has worked extensively within the mental health and substance abuse arenas, and is   proficient in auricular acupuncture and other detox treatment modalities.

He later transitioned to geriatric nursing and spent many years working as a Director of Nursing, and as a regional Director of nursing. He has experience managing  small, medium, and large facilities, ranging in size from 100 beds to 700 plus bed capacities.

As an expert consultant, Griffith’s specialty is in turning around buildings that are struggling clinically. He collaborates closely with Directors of nursing and senior clinical leadership to identify areas that need strengthening and provides strategies and in person coaching to help them achieve those goals. He helps prepare buildings for successful state surveys and oversees the development  and execution of  plans of correction post survey.

Griffith is a hands-on clinician who enjoys teaching and delights in energizing and motivating his clients to tap into and uncover their full potential.

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