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About Capital Health Consulting

Mission: To provide our clients with the innovative expertise, strategic direction and determination necessary to improve quality and efficiency of health care and human services.


Vision: Health care and human service settings are dynamic and fragile. Our vision is to connect innovators and care providers with policymakers to enable the continuous development of laws and regulations that support efficiency, access, and quality. 


Values: Every goal is achievable and every problem is solvable through cooperation, innovation, determination, expertise, and integrity.

CHC only represents clients that are patient facing or offer a service or product that will improve the lives and quality outcomes for patients.

Capital Health Consulting is a woman-owned and operated business, serving health care clients with the expertise cultivated by careers in government, health and policy. We have a broad understanding of the specialties and nuances of healthcare and can assist clients in creating cutting edge projects that meet and exceed the expectations of the changing healthcare industry.

We begin engagements by learning about each client’s business model so we can identify specific and practical strategies that best fit their needs. Our strategy frequently includes educating providers on current policy discussions and future expectations in order to engage elected officials regarding rule or rate-making decisions. 

We are an innovative team known for being results-oriented and possess strong relationships with state government employees and legislators essential to our clients’ projects.

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