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Association Management

Your members have incredible skills and expertise, but can they handle the day-to-day tasks required to maintain and grow a healthy association?
An association requires many of the same operations as a business but each of your members is already working for, or managing their own business. Let the team at Capital Health Consulting help your leadership team with some (or all) of those tasks.

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What can CHC do to help?

Here are just some of the tasks that we help our associations with

  • Planning events; Conferences, Regional Meetings, Training, Legislator Visits, Fundraisers

  • Communication with members; Calls, Emails, Meetings

  • Marketing & Branding; Member Acquisition, Website Updates, Social Media, Mailings, Promotional Items

  • Establishing and managing a Political Action Committee (PAC); Filing, Fundraising, Events with Legislators

Government Relations & Health Policy

Is keeping up with state policy and regulation a constant challenge for your members? CHC focuses on government relations and health policy. Our experts can oversee this ever-changing landscape to keep your members up to date. We can also be your advocacy and lobbying partner in Albany. Our legislators need the input of experts when writing policy and your association can be their link to the experts in your field.


Here are some of the ways we’ve helped associations reach their policy & advocacy goals

  • Work with legislators writing or amending policy to incorporate accurate and beneficial language and mitigate unintended consequences.

  • Host legislators at member facilities for educational and celebratory purposes.

  • Support legislators who align with the needs and goals of the association.

  • Communicate the needs of members and their patients to those who write policy and regulation.

Photo of Association Members with Senator Rivera and Lisa Alteri of Capital Health Consulting

How do we know if CHC is the right fit for your association management needs? Let’s start with a discovery call. Email to set up a call and discuss your associations goals and challenges.

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Learn More about the Associations CHC Works With...

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Ready to discuss your goals & challenges?

Email to set up a discovery call.

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