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Our clients are statewide coalitions, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Residential Health Care Facilities (RHCFs), Article 28 Diagnostic and Treatment Centers, Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs), substance use disorder (SUD) providers, trade associations and mental health providers spanning the spectrum of care delivery. We help our clients navigate the maze of requirements towards successful value-based transition, discern innovative solutions to optimize performance, set strategic goals for the future, and navigate compliance and regulatory challenges as they arise.

We will work to meet your unique needs, whether you are interested in funding new projects, staying up-to-date on rulemaking activity, require flexibility and responsiveness to changing regulations, or are looking to improve company-wide compliance.


Vice President, Statewide Medical Association

As I was listening to your webinar this morning I started to think back to when NYSAASC first started to work with CHC . I remember Lisa asking, what are your priorities?, and the room would always go silent, including myself.  Listening I realized back then it was necessary to get our act together as an organization before we could think of our priorities.  Today, we are now focused, and the credit is very much due to CHC.  You all have done an amazing job in educating and organizing us. We are very grateful that Lisa walked into that rented conference room on State Street back in 2019.  Looking forward to many productive years with CHC.

President & CEO, Home Care

I am very thankful to you and to your team for keeping me in your thoughts. You always have alerted me of critical information and I value your guidance. In current times, you don’t even here from people who you have paid so getting reminders from you is just remarkable. I may open new businesses just to keep you engaged – very impressive.

Director of Nursing

Thank you for the regular updates with the phone calls…interested in any information you are sharing . Thank you!

ASC Administrator

We truly thank you all for what you have been providing to get us through this COVID-19 situation.

Endoscopy Center Administrator 

Thank you Lisa and the CHC team for working tirelessly to keep us all informed. You have made a big difference.

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