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Effective infection control programs are critical in preventing and stopping the spread of infections in health care facilities.  The importance of having a successful comprehensive program has only been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and is particularly critical to nursing homes and other long-term congregate care settings.  Providers need effective IC programs in place to ensure the health and safety of residents and others, and compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements.


Capital Health Consulting (CHC) is an innovative consulting and government relations firm that assists clients in creating and implementing cutting edge solutions to succeed in today’s ever-evolving healthcare environment.  CHC has established its Infection Control Assistance Program (ICAP) to help nursing homes and others ensure that its infection control framework, policies and procedures, and practices meet government and industry standards to protect their residents, staff, visitors and others who enter their facilities.


CHC offers the following consultative services:


  • Infection control Mock surveys

  • Provide Directed POC

  • Perform Root  cause analysis  for facility as warranted based on SOD.

  • Provide ongoing IC monitoring, coordination and assistance

  • Assistance with Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) for IC survey, annual survey or complaint survey.

CHC’s Infection Control Assistance Program is led by President Lisa Alteri, who has over 30 years of long-term care experience as a clinician, government executive, and consultant.  Lisa is assisted in the program by Senior Advisor Keith Servis, who recently joined CHC after a 36-year career with the NYS Department of Health, most recently as Interim Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Primary Care and Health Systems Management.


CHC’s team of expert advisors is led by Jill Smoller, CHC’s Senior Clinical Advisor.  A Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience as a Nursing Home Administrator, Jill has provided leadership to award-winning organizations.  Her facilities regularly achieved deficiency-free NYSDOH surveys.  Along with her team of CHC clinical consultants, all of whom have years of long-term care experience, Jill is committed to assisting her partner clients in ensuring IC practices that maximize health and safety.


To explore how CHC can assist you and your team of dedicated care professionals, call us at 518-724-2480 or email us at  Partner with CHC to achieve the best for your residents and your organization.

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