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Natasha Elie

Senior Clinical Director

Natasha Elie joined Capital Health Consulting (CHC) in January of 2022 as the Sr. Clinical Director. Prior to joining CHC, Natasha served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Queens, NY.  With over 15 years of post-acute care experience in Executive and Administrative roles and, as a Registered Nurse, her career has focused on compiling disaster plans, grant writing, coordinating Certificate of Occupancy and Certificate of Need applications.  In addition, Natasha has been very successful in leading several modernization projects that have assisted in the safety structure of organizations, as well as clinical enhancement opportunities that have led to the early identification of clinical changes in condition. 

Natasha has been able to successfully develop additional clinical programs such as pulmonary rehabilitation, hospice services and services to support cardiovascular needs such as the Lifevest and blood transfusion services. The vision of these clinical services was developed due to the increased need to decompress the acute care facilities and reduce the length of stay within the acute care facilities.

Natasha has earned many accolades in her career for reducing costs, while increasing revenue and satisfaction scores by targeting direct opportunities.  As a nurse, Natasha has spent years working at the bedside and has combined her clinical expertise with her Executive and Administrative roles to empathize the needs of the clinical team while meeting the necessities of the operational team.

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